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It all started at Iasi ...
The First Romanian Woman, Owner of the Title of a University Professor

The First Printed Work on the Romanian Territory, the Missal

The First Botanical Garden in the Romanian Principalities (Iasi, 1856)

Grigore Cobalcescu, the founder of the Romanian Geology School and of the Geophysics research (Iasi,

The First Romanian Literary Memorial Museum, Ion Creanga’s Cottage

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It's happening in Iasi ::


Eminescu Days - anniversary of the national poet Mihai Eminescu

15.01.2016, Copou Park

January 24, 1859 - Celebrations of Romanian Principalities Union on January 24, 1859

24.01.2016, Union Square


Mărţişor - symbol and tradition

27.02 - 02.03.2016, Union Square

Azalea Exhibition

13.02-13.03.2016, Botanical Gardens


Librex - Books National Fair

09 - 13.03.2016, Palas Mall

APIMOLDOVA - Beekeeping International Fair

11-13.03.2016, Felicia Shopping Center parking


Edu Funny Fest- non-formal educational activities for students

18-22.04.2016, Providence Conference Center  


International Festival of Education - music, exhibitions, book, film, opera, theatre


HANGARIADA - Festival of Art and Flight

20 - 22.05.2016, Aeroclubul „Alexandru Matei” Iași

Night of Museums

Lilac Festival

Roses Exhibition (Botanical Gardens)


Hopscotch - Fair books, games and amusements

03 - 05.06.2016, Pogor House Park

Street Delivery - street performances, workshops for children, exhibitions, concerts

10 - 12.06.2016, Pogor Street and courtyard of "Vasile Pogor" museum  

Linden Flowers Festival - translation and literary competitions, theatre, music and dance outdoor, floral exhibition

17-19.06.2016, Complex Palas, Copou Park -  Eminescu's linden

Cucuteni 5000 - National Fair of traditional ceramics

24 - 26.06.2016, Copou Park

Fête de la musique (French Cultural Centre)


International Festival of Romanian Culture and Civilization "Romanasul" - workshops, folk music, film projection, exhibition

4-9.07.2016, Copou Park, "Mihai Ursachi" Municipal House  


Catalina - Folk Festival
22 - 26.08.2016, Palas Complex


Iasi Rally - Stage Rally Championship of Romania

Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, Palace of Culture Esplanade , Râpa Galbenă Street

International Mechanical Music Festival - Exhibition of musical automatic, shows, concerts, dance, animation, video screenings, workshops for professionals



FILIT - International Festival of Literature and Translation

Palace of Culture Esplanade  

Trandafir de la Moldova - Folk Festival

Iasi Fests

Wine Festival

Chrysanthemum Exhibition (Botanical gardens)


Crafts and traditional crafts of Moldova - interactive cultural event

4 - 6.11.2015, Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt Foot


Winter Folk Customs - International Folk Festival

Christmas Gifts Fair

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