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It all started at Iasi ...
George Emil Palade, the First Romanian Laureate of the Nobel Prize (Iasi, 1912 - U.S.A., 2008)

The First Romanian Woman, Owner of the Title of a University Professor

Eduard Gruber, the first researcher in Art Psychology, in Romania (1861 - 1896)

The First Romanian Surgeon Woman

The First Romanian Literary Memorial Museum, Ion Creanga’s Cottage

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It's happening in Iasi ::


Eminescu Days - anniversary of the national poet Mihai Eminescu

15.01.2016, Copou Park

January 24, 1859 - Celebrations of Romanian Principalities Union on January 24, 1859

24.01.2016, Union Square


Mărţişor - symbol and tradition

27.02 - 02.03.2016, Union Square

Azalea Exhibition

13.02-13.03.2016, Botanical Gardens


Librex - Books National Fair

09 - 13.03.2016, Palas Mall

APIMOLDOVA - Beekeeping International Fair

11-13.03.2016, Felicia Shopping Center parking


Edu Funny Fest- non-formal educational activities for students

18-22.04.2016, Providence Conference Center  


International Festival of Education - music, exhibitions, book, film, opera, theatre


HANGARIADA - Festival of Art and Flight

20 - 22.05.2016, Aeroclubul „Alexandru Matei” Iași

Night of Museums

Lilac Festival

Roses Exhibition (Botanical Gardens)


Hopscotch - Fair books, games and amusements

03 - 05.06.2016, Pogor House Park

Street Delivery - street performances, workshops for children, exhibitions, concerts

10 - 12.06.2016, Pogor Street and courtyard of "Vasile Pogor" museum  

Linden Flowers Festival - translation and literary competitions, theatre, music and dance outdoor, floral exhibition

17-19.06.2016, Complex Palas, Copou Park -  Eminescu's linden

Cucuteni 5000 - National Fair of traditional ceramics

24 - 26.06.2016, Copou Park

Fête de la musique (French Cultural Centre)


International Festival of Romanian Culture and Civilization "Romanasul" - workshops, folk music, film projection, exhibition

4-9.07.2016, Copou Park, "Mihai Ursachi" Municipal House  


Catalina - Folk Festival
22 - 26.08.2016, Palas Complex


Iasi Rally - Stage Rally Championship of Romania

Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, Palace of Culture Esplanade , Râpa Galbenă Street

International Mechanical Music Festival - Exhibition of musical automatic, shows, concerts, dance, animation, video screenings, workshops for professionals



FILIT - International Festival of Literature and Translation

Palace of Culture Esplanade  

Trandafir de la Moldova - Folk Festival

Iasi Fests

Wine Festival

Chrysanthemum Exhibition (Botanical gardens)


Crafts and traditional crafts of Moldova - interactive cultural event

4 - 6.11.2015, Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt Foot


Winter Folk Customs - International Folk Festival

Christmas Gifts Fair

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